Diverse senior plans


The Mirror reporter

“As students of color not many people ask us if we have any plans for the future, they always assume that we don’t,” said Stephanie Vang, a senior at Stevens Point Area High (SPASH).

After hearing this I decided to interview Asian students and their plans after high school.

What are your plans for after high school?

Stephanie Vang: My plans are to go to college in UW-Stevens Point or UW-Superior.

Jocelyn He: I’m just waiting to hear back from the University of Chicago, hopefully I get in.

Ashley Vang: I’m not sure what the future holds for me, I just need to graduate first.

Tou John Vang: I’m going to UW-Marathon County, but I’m undecided at the moment.

Ia Ong Yang: I’m excited to go to the military! Can’t wait!

Why did you decide to take this route after high school?

S. Vang: I want to make my parents proud, use the privilege I have to pursue a higher education. I hope to learn and give back to my family and community

A. Vang: I’ve never really thought about it.

T. Vang: I just want to find what I like and find a career that fits me.

Yang: I don’t want student loans and plus after I’m done with service, school is paid for me.

These students struggle, beginning at birth when it comes to deciding what their future is. Many of them have no control over it. “My parents want me to go to school to become a lawyer or doctor, but my mind is set on human communications, “stated Stephanie Vang.

“As a Hmong man, many people look down on us, saying that were apart of gangs and that we are lowlifes. I’m going to prove them wrong,” said Tou John Vang.

With motivation and hope, many of these students are breaking barriers to reach their dream.