Thanksgiving over Halloween, any day


The Mirror reporter

Thanksgiving and Halloween are the two most important fall holidays in American culture. I can have plenty of fun with friends and family at both, but I personally believe that Thanksgiving is the much better holiday. This may be very controversial for some people, but stick around and I’ll explain why it is definitely the better holiday.

Thanksgiving’s most popular tradition is the dinner. It is what most people think of when someone brings up Thanksgiving. The dinners are always great because they let you eat just about as much as you want and also help you to express what you are thankful for.

One of the most important aspects of Thanksgiving is the way it brings together family. While Halloween can occasionally bring family and friends together through parties or trick or treating, it has nowhere near the same effect that Thanksgiving does. Thanksgiving brings the family together to get everyone to express their thanks for what they have.

Something else that Thanksgiving has over Halloween is the break it can give adults and students from work and school, respectively. One of the best things about holidays is the breaks they give you from your everyday life and Thanksgiving almost always gives you a chance to do so. Halloween, on the other hand, will almost never provide adults or students with breaks from work or school.

Thanksgiving also comes with a lesson, something that Halloween lacks. Thanksgiving may involve stuffing your face with piles of food and falling asleep watching football, but it teaches you to be thankful that you are able to do all of these things. Halloween really has no kind of lesson attached to it, unless you count running door to door in costumes to get candy as a lesson or moral.

In the end, both Thanksgiving and Halloween are great holidays and I thoroughly enjoy celebrating both of them. Thanksgiving just has a bit of an edge over Halloween to me due to the way it can get everyone away from their daily lives and bring the family together for a delicious dinner and some football.