Daycare facility needed at SPASH



The Mirror reporter

As a mother attending SPASH (Stevens Point Area Senior High) my number one concern isn’t school, but my son. Trying to be a good student, a mother, a daughter, or just a good person overall is overwhelming. The one relief that is needed is where the child is going to go when I’m at school.

SPASH has had teen moms and still does. When I was pregnant my sophomore year at SPASH, my first concern wasn’t who was going to watch my child when I came back to school the next year, but do I have to tell the school? Do I let my teachers know, how do I let them know? I didn’t let my teachers know and still didn’t. I’m sure they found out when I started “showing.” I tried to handle school as if I wasn’t pregnant, like it was just any school year from before.

Until I met Julia Her, I felt alone and scared every time I walked into school. Her reassured me I would be safe at school. She became my safe spot in the school. I talked to her, expressing what was going on. She was the first person I opened up to. Her became the only person I trusted and turned to the whole school year.

Now I’m a senior at SPASH. My son is now one and is harder to keep an eye on. During my junior year my parents helped watch my son while I was at school. It was easier then because he just slept and cried when he wanted a bottle or needed a diaper change. My parents don’t have time to watch my son now because they have their own things they have to care for. I stress about where my son is going to be and with who while I’m at school. I leave school early so I can watch my son before my husband leaves for work. I try to get my school work done and the things at home done as well.

I believe that if SPASH had a day care for mothers like me who are still in school it would be the second best thing that ever happened. I wouldn’t have to worry about where my child is and with who. If something happened to my son I can be contacted immediately. I can go to class not worrying if my son is safe.  Trying to be a good student, a mother, a daughter, or just a good person overall might be easier.