Maintaining a healthy diet


The Mirror reporter

A balanced diet is one that gives your body the nutrients it needs. It’s different for everyone based on their age, gender, lifestyle, overall health, and body.

“Some people need more of one thing than another,” said Kathy Graham, Stevens Point Area High School nurse. A balanced diet does not cut out food groups, but rather consists a wide variety of foods served in the right amount of proportion.

Having a balanced diet becomes harder to do with Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner. Though they only come around once a year, most of us gain at least a pound and keep that weight permanently according to WebMD.

“The best thing to do is plan ahead, and have at least three fruits and vegetables in your diet,” said Graham.

Limit your intake on foods that have unnecessary fats and sugar and make sure to eat at least three meals a day comprised of a variety of foods. There’s no reason to completely deprive yourself, but instead, choose what’s best for you.

“Having a balanced diet helps you be healthier and stay healthy,” Graham said. A diet that lacks nutrients can lead to multiple health problems that can be dangerous. It’s especially important for teens because their body is going through many physical changes. Eating well allows your body to grow and develop properly.