Changes needed for a la carte options and pricing


The Mirror reporter

The a la carte room is where students come to buy snacks to tide over their appetites. But why are the prices for all of the food options increasing?

A la carte coordinator Laura Force explained the rising food prices. “From my understanding, food prices rose, so many of the a la carte room accessories such as the popcorn vendor and slushy machines could be afforded,” Force said.

Despite her explanation, higher food prices remain unpopular at SPASH. Many of the snacks are healthy including fruit cups and salads which students are forced to spend more money in order to get the nutrients they need to carry them through the day.

Senior Dylan McKibben said, “It is highly unfair. I bought a sandwich and fruit cup which cost $4.50. Students shouldn’t have to pay so much for a small snack.”

A lot of students seem to share this point of view. Senior Tyler Glodowski said, “While I feel most things are reasonable, some are too expensive, like fruits and vegetables. The school should bring in a higher quality of foods, mainly fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options, and lower the prices which will attract more buyers.”

Food service cashier Brenda Varga also gave her personal opinion. “I think the prices are too high because a lot of students pay for their own a la carte items,” Varga said.

I personally agree with the points made. Raising the prices for a la carte food items does not help promote healthy eating and dieting and just dissuades students from coming to the a la carte room. More foods with better quality will attract both students and faculty into purchasing at a lower price.