Winter season brings with it great new sport activities

BY Logan Lewis

The Mirror reporter

It’s the time of the year where we can kiss barbeque, tank tops, and flip flops goodbye because soon winter coats, hats, and gloves will be needed.

This doesn’t mean that the fun is over because when the weather gets cold, that means its time for winter sports. When the snow falls, it means basketball, swimming, wrestling, hockey and gymnastics is starting.

Basketball players love cold weather because they know it is time to get in the gym and play. There is nothing like going to work in a gym.

Both the boys and girls SPASH basketball team seem that they will have two good seasons. The boy’s team will try to make it back to state for a third straight time while the girl’s team will battle as Maggie Negaard recovers from her ACL injury.

Unfortunately, we only to get to see swimming every four summers in the Olympics. However, just because it isn’t televised, doesn’t mean that it isn’t enjoyed.

SPASH has produced excellent swimmers that we have the privilege of experiencing. We were lucky enough to take six girls this fall to compete at state. The boy’s team is highly anticipated as well since SPASH swimmers have gone to state frequently.

The K.B. Willett arena will be very busy as the boys team will play there for home games as will the girls Red Panthers. The boys team will be led by a talented senior class and sophomore sensation Cole Caufield. However, hockey is not just for student athletes or professionals. This is one of those sports that can be played for fun with some friends on a frozen pond.

Gymnastics is another fan favorite when the Olympics comes around, and is another sport that also can be seen locally. Gymnastics very popular sport here at SPASH with have plenty of talented girls on the team.

Stevens Point is a huge wrestling city especially, since the rise of our Olympic home-town hero, Ben Provisor. He helps coach our SPASH team when he is not training and helped make it into what it is today.

There are plenty of pleasurable options for people whether it involves being in the gym dunking or flipping, or outside playing a friendly game of pond hockey.