Junior powder puffers defy the odds and beat seniors


The Mirror reporter


Powder Puff has been a tradition for many years at SPASH. The juniors square up against the seniors in a battle for bragging rights over one another.

Powder Puff is a flag football game played between the juniors and senior girls. Socks are the flags to be pulled the girls usually play an 80-yard field but this year the staff wanted to change things up and used the whole field.

This year the game was a long back and forth battle. With neither team scoring in the first half, the teams were set to fight it out in the second half.

With just under two minutes left in the game junior quarterback Maddie Mutz took the snap and dropped back in the pocket, looking for an open receiver. Scrambling around a bit Mutz launched the ball into a heap of girls where teammate Halle Pavelski caught the ball in stride and took it to the house for the big TD.

“Once that ball left my hand I knew somethings big was going to happen and it resulted in a touchdown.” Mutz said.

With the juniors up six to zero the seniors went into panic mode with just under two minutes left.  They gave it their all in the final minute of the game.  They were at the 30 yard line and tried a trick play to catch the juniors sleeping.

The juniors snifedf out the trick play the seniors were stopped before they could take the play in for six, resulting in a junior victory over the seniors.

“The game was well-fought from both sides of the field but we were the better team today and we came out with the dub,” said head coach of the junior team Eli Haas.

Senior coach Peter Brilowski said, “We did everything we could to win this game. There were a few questionable calls out there that we couldn’t do anything about.”

Andrew Erdman, also a coach for the juniors, said, “We have been working hard all week in practice to take on the seniors and we did everything we could to beat theses seniors.”

Another one of the senior coaches, Tanner Garski, said, “Even though we lost the game we are super proud of how these girls played and gave everything they had.”

Senior player Alice Pierce said, “We played a good game on both sides of the ball each and every one of us gave it our all.”

The seniors were pumped up before the game. Their enthusiasm, though, wasn’t enough to win the game.