Reflections of the SPASH Community

The Mirror

Reflections of the SPASH Community

The Mirror

Reflections of the SPASH Community

The Mirror

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Peyton Wanta reading a book of choice! Photo Credits: Kylie Wiza
What is Dyslexia?
Kylie Wiza, Hour 1 • November 1, 2022
The a-peel-ing innovations of vegan cooking
The a-peel-ing innovations of vegan cooking
Lily Garcia, Hour 5B • October 26, 2022
NICA podium at Lowes Creek
The Underappreciated SPASH Mountain Biking Club
Brooke Cherek, Hour 5B • October 26, 2022
Influences on body image
A Body That Doesn't Exist  
Summer Arista , Journalism Hour 2 • October 25, 2022
 Hanzo taking a posing picture on a normal day
(Photo taken from his Instagram)
(Chris paul photo taken from (nbaanalysis.net)
A Potential Offensive Ball Threat
Leo Yang, Hour 2 Journalism • October 24, 2022
Photo by Jackson Fox
SPASH STUDIE: Security or Crowd Control?
Chandler Pallen, Hour 1 • October 24, 2022
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 Boyd Czaikowski holding common household cleaning products that he may use during his services.
Boyd’s Becoming of Business - A Story of Young Entrepreneurship.
Marin Zdroik, Hour 5B • October 21, 2022
Behind the Scenes at Taco Bell
Behind the Scenes at Taco Bell
Krewe Kvatek, Hour 5B • October 21, 2022
Picture taken by Grace Mrozinski in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
Train waiting at the yard office in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
The Burn Out of High Demand Jobs
Grace Mrozinski, Hour 1 • October 20, 2022
Students walking the hallways of SPASH
(Image taken by author)
What are SPASH Students doing after Graduation?
Zach Anderson, Hour 1 • October 20, 2022
Photo from New York Times article about health professionals working during COVID.
Exploring Medical Professions
Brianna Placeway January 21, 2022
Four Day Work Week
Ethan Creely January 19, 2022
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One Word Several Meanings
Danae Marshall March 3, 2022

Danae;  A five letter word, A word I have known my whole life yet still feel like I know nothing about.  Understanding  Slow as...

How to Make a Friend
Connor Green March 3, 2022

Dirty hands wanting to be cleaned. dry and crusting over. rough textures scratching my hands. wet clay sticks to each other. funny...

Crooked Time
Dulce Banda March 3, 2022

When Time isn't enough… Time … Sleepless nights .. Wandering in the darkness… Clock ticking . Running late is specialty..  Time...

Changes Hold Awoken Overlaps End
Yue Pheng Thao March 3, 2022

Within the silent a new world opens, full of noises as I was in some western shows Awaken my true inner feeling senses.  As now I awoke with...

Anissa Vue March 3, 2022

It’s black licorice It’s fragrant coconut  It’s thin thread It’s silky smooth It’s straight It’s always down It’s...

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Reflections of the SPASH Community